October 29, 2020 - April 25, 2021

Aunt Dan and Lemon

with Kristen Johnston* Lili Taylor* Marsha Stephanie Blake* Thomas Bradshaw Liam Craig* Melissa Errico* Layla Khoshnoudi Carlos Leon* Emily Cass McDonnell* Maulik Pancholy* Stephen Park* Bill Sage* + Written by Wallace Shawn Directed by Scott Elliott *original cast members

About The Show

Aunt Dan and Lemon

Aunt Dan and Lemon centers on a romantic friendship between an adult and a child, which nourishes an addiction to vicarious violence. In this political horror story, Lemon looks back on her relationship with her captivating Aunt Dan, and conjures for us, in a most personal way, the terrifying allure of cruelty, and the enduring appeal of political strongmen who echo the dominating figures in our lives.

Reunion Readings, part of The New Group Off Stage slate of projects, are digital broadcasts of play readings featuring the original casts from plays produced in The New Group’s first 25 years.

Original Creative Team

Opening Night: December 18, 2003, New York City, Original Scenic Design by Derek McLane, Original Costume Design by Eric Becker, Original Lighting Design by Jason Lyon, Original Sound Design by Ken Travis, Original Casting by Judy Henderson, CSA, Original Direction by Scott Elliott

How do I view this Reunion Reading?

This Reunion Reading was available to stream until April 25, 2021.

Cast & Creative

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Kristen Johnston and Lili Taylor. Photo by Carol Rosegg, 2004.
Melissa Errico, Kristen Johnston, Lili Taylor and Bill Sage in Aunt Dan and Lemon. Photo by Carol Rosegg, 2004.