Photos from The New Group's 2021/22 Year, featuring the Cast and Crew of I Need Space, August 2021, featuring 17 diverse, masked people sitting on a stoop; featuring Lili Taylor in the Fever, October 2021, sitting on an orange chair in the middle of the stage, looking pensive; featuring Black No More at The Signature Theater in January and February 2022, showing a full audience, and a production still of the full 26-member cast in the final scene; featuring 2 Off Stage Releases in March 2022 in partnership with Audible – Bernarda’s Daughters by Diane Exavier and The Fever by Wallace Shawn; featuring a photo from The Big Release screening for I need space, April 2022, showing a diverse crowd smiling; and featuring DIONYSIA, June 2022, showing four brightly dressed attendees.
Photo Credits: The Big Release – i need space: Da Ping Luo | Black No More Production and i need space cast: Monique Carboni | The Fever: Daniel Rader | DIONYSIA: Ahron Foster


This past year at The New Group has been all about affirming our path forward. It’s been about unapologetically circling our priorities, saying – “Yes! This work matters! These people, these productions, these communities matter!” – while forging onward through the challenges of our new normal, to make the impossible real.

As we look to the upcoming season, this same tenacity defines our work ahead. We can’t promise the future – nobody can – but we can promise that no matter what, we will keep working tirelessly to bring bold, extraordinary, new theater (and, crucially, those who make it) to the forefront, both in-person and at home.

Your support is the engine driving this promise. Yes, we are able to do so much with your generosity. Yes, we’re all in this together (or, in the hilarious words of Diane Exavier from our upcoming production of Bernarda’s Daughters, “We’re all in the same dumbass boat”). Yes, a donation in any amount helps us create and affirm our work together.

And most of all, yes, we need your help. Will You Donate to The New Group?