Logo for The New Group Now & Next Fundraising Campaign which includes the traditional New Group logo in black with the words "Now" and "Next" in a handwritten font above and below it.


This past year, as so many theaters found themselves uprooted, The New Group looked inwards, to the roots of our mission: to support artists, and to invest in their ability to create extraordinary work on their own terms — no matter the circumstances.

For us, this means investing in artists from the outset of an idea, from inception to production. It means celebrating cross-experimentation with form and medium — from upcoming Off Stage releases like Donja R. Love’s digital series I Need Space, to audio plays like Diane Exavier’s Bernarda’s Daughters, to streaming films like this past summer’s Waiting for Godot. It means giving an emerging artist the same level of care as their established peers.

As we return to the stage, it means doing our part to help our city keep creating by presenting powerful live work at any scale — from this past October’s intimate revival of Wallace Shawn’s The Fever, to our ambitious world premiere run of Black No More starting in January 2022.

It means empowering the next generation of artists through our high school and educational programs, helping young people get into college and represent themselves with dignity and distinction for life.

Most of all, our work means everything to our artistic community — and we can’t do any of it without you.

Donate NOW. See what’s NEXT. At The New Group.